Saturday, January 17, 2009

You talkin to ME? Are YOU talking to ME?

Featured Kid of The Day

My youngest son decided to shave his head the other day. Every year right before the start of baseball season, most of kids on his team, shave their head.

Imagine my shock when he bounded up the stairs to show off his "new look". Rather than shaving his entire head, he decided to do something "a little different".

We asked him to pose for a pic so he could see firsthand how ridiculous he looked. I taunted, I teased, I think I may have even pleaded but Junior remained steadfast in his decision to keep this new look.

Many thoughts ran through my mind but the one that stuck the most was
Robert De Niro's character in Taxi Driver. Don't get me wrong, Robert De Niro is pretty much my all time favorite actor but I no way shape or form, did I want one of our offspring running around looking like a Travis Bickle wanna be.

UPDATE! Junior came to his senses and shaved the whole thing off! Phew!!!

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