Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What the heck do you have in this thing?

My husband asks that very question every time I ask him to hold my purse. He also never neglects to mention how "heavy" it is. This statement coming from the man who literally moves granite for a living. He believes that I carry things that don't need to be in there.

I don't believe that I carry more than the average woman and believe that now that my children are older, I carry less than the average mom.

Here's a photo of what's in my purse as well as an inventory:

Yearly planner (I start off every year filling out a planner. By mid-January, it takes its place in a drawer)


Work Cell Phone

Bluetooth Headset


Blackberry Instruction Manual (it's new and still difficult to navigate)

DVD: Peyton Place


Ipod Connection Cable

Headphones for iPod

Makeup bag


THREE pairs of sunglasses (I don't get this one either)

Eyeglasses & case

Earphones for….? (still new and in package)

Holistic tummy medication (which incidentally is overpriced and does not work)



L'Occitane Hand Cream

Organza bag with three prescription meds that I don't take

Black Tumi bag (holds bills that hubby told me to pay)

Deposits (last two paychecks, health savings account reimbursement and some legal reimbursement from Lens Crafters)

USB Drive

Case for Blackberry

Case for iPod

Two Bic Pens, blue

Screen protectors for Blackberry and….

Car keys!

My question to you dear reader, other than the three pairs of sunglasses, am I carrying too much "stuff"?

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kjbeads said...

I could purge a few of those things but nothing of substantial weight. Do you really carry a dvd of Peyton Place in your purse?