Saturday, January 10, 2009


Our doorbell rang a while ago. It was our faithful "never-smiling" mail man carrier lugging yet another package up the stairs to bring our home one of my terrific eBay finds.

Running down the hallway with the package in her hand, my youngest daughter proclaimed "it must be something e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e cause I can hear lots of glass inside."

I am fully aware that an intact piece of glass NEVER makes a noise. However, several pieces of glass, would ring like a nervous wind chime in a Hurricane.

I performed a quick mental inventory of recent eBay purchases that I was expecting. The vintage telephone chime box wouldn't make a noise like broken glass but the..........Pfaltzgraff Pitcher and Bowl set would!

My grubby fingers ripped the box from my young daughter's hand. As I grabbed the box, I heard the obnoxious sound of dozens of pieces of ceramic.

All I could think was I hope I purchased shipping insurance". Before I even opened the box, I threw open my laptop and checked. I indeed purchased shipping insurance.

What happened next was as unbelievable as it was funny. I took my straight edge and carefully began to open the box preparing myself for the non-stop cavalcade of packing peanuts. I opened the flaps carefully and THIS is what I saw:

Oh.Hell.To.The.No! For those of you who've never had to potty train a puppy, this my friends, is a Potty Training Pad. Having experience with puppies and potty pads, I could tell from the way the wadding had separated from itself that this pad had indeed "been around the block." Mind you, it wasn't used but it was in fact, tired.

I envisioned the seller packing this item and needing just a smidgen more padding and ripping the potty pad out from under a squatting little "Tippy".

I kinda giggled about the seller's ingenious if not desperate measure to include the potty pad and made my way to the next layer of packing material.

The next layer consisted of dozens of "non-cushioning" shopping bags. Just when I thought I was done removing the bags, more plastic bags emerged. There were enough bags in this lot to turn Green Peace into a quivering tower of Jell-o.

Next were two and a half bags of packaged air. Two bags still held air. I'm not sure why the empty bag of air was included.

Lastly, I came upon my broken treasure. Enshrouded in one thin layer of bubble wrap and lots of tape, was my Pfaltzgraff bowl.

Hopefully, my seller is amicable and will agree to my request for a 100% refund. Details forthcoming.

UPDATE: Seller was extremely terrific and refunded 100% of my purchase without ANY questions.

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