Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy 1st Day of Spring!

Technically, I KNOW that the first day of spring is still a little over two months away but, it's been so nice here (5 days of 70 degree weather), it FEELS like spring. To be completely honest, it actually feels like summer. We even barbecued a few days ago. While I am loving the nice weather, something very strange is happening.......

I FEEL like....... cleaning - there I've said it! Because it FEELS like spring, I am already in spring cleaning mode. I've cleaned out my closets, under my bed (scary) and I even brushed half of my pom Pom Petey away.

The "little" pile next to him was all dead undercoat

After all was "shed" and done, Petey went and hung with Olly for a while. While Petey could careless about Olly, Olly intently waited for Petey to make ONE move, and when Petey finally did show the slightest bit of interest in Olly, there was a kitty paw to the forehead!

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