Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chargers and Cables and Cords, Oh My!

My bedroom is home to a cornucopia of cords!

On the floor underneath my side of the bed, I have power cords for :

battery charger
iPod charger
alarm clock
cordless phone
two cell phone chargers(one work & one personal)
a Bluetooth headset charger
(which I vowed to never use! Are you like me and stare in astonishment at people talking to themselves only to discover that they are using those things in their ear? They're walking around like they are Special Service. Worse yet, there are those times when I honestly thought strangers were talking to me and I would quizzically stare at them when they asked me "what I wanted for dinner?" The reason I HAD to have one is that I was tired of rooting around my purse looking for a ringing cell phone. Nine times out of ten, I’d find the phone only AFTER tampons dropped out of my purse and AFTER the phone stopped ringing. Argh! But I digress…

As if cords aren’t enough, I have cables coming out the wazoo!

I have cables for:

my Blackberry and my laptop so that they can “communicate” with each other. I amuse myself with the conversation they might have:

Laptop: “She spent a lot of money earlier this year on me and now I’m outdated.

Blackberry: “She got me right after Christmas and I’m outdated, too!”

(and they'd vibrate and blink in an electronic-giggle frenzy!)

On the other side of the bed, I have a desktop computer, printer, router, and another crucial piece of computer equipment (the name escapes me at the moment) and each of those items has cables AND cords. Now before anyone mentions the danger of having too many things plugged into too many extension cords, I had that fear as well and I am NOT ashamed to admit that I had an electrician come to my home and now I have three six-panel outlets.

Every cord is neatly wrapped, velcro’d or taped with others and hidden behind my behemoth computer station and the others have taken up residence with the dust bunnies under my bed. Everything works out just fine…..Until I need to unplug and remove ONE cord. It’s usually a series of hits and misses which quite often results in my alarm clock flashing 12:00!


Tangled in Technology

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kjbeads said...

I can relate. Remodel of my workroom had a goal to streamline the wires and bundle them. Ha! By the time we finished it looked like that again