Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I cannot believe the controversy surrounding Carrie Prejean’s (Miss California 2009) personal beliefs on gay marriage. These are HER personal convictions. Whether or not her statement was “politically correct”, how can a free-thinking individual be chastised for stating what they believe (whether society thinks it’s right, wrong or indifferent)?

I commend her for holding true to her own personal convictions. Surely, she realized that her answer would offend many. Would it have been better if she had compromised her own beliefs/values to appease the judges and audience in order to win the Miss USA title?

The Constitution of the United States affords its citizens the right to freedom of speech as well as the right to freedom of religion. Human Rights Laws state that people should not be discriminated due to their religious creed, color, sexual orientation, political orientation, age, marital status, etc. Why then, is Ms. Prejean being chastised for speaking her opinion on this topic? She’s competing in a beauty pageant – not the presidency of the United States, folks.

According to gossip monger, Perez Hilton (Mario Lavanderia), Miss California is wrong, wrong, wrong! He has taken the opportunity to public lambaste Miss California for her beliefs. Furthermore, he stated that she lost the competition not because of her beliefs on gay marriage but because she is a “stupid b*tch”.

These comments coming from the person who takes to bashing ANY celebrity for ANY reason without taking their feelings into consideration. Case in point: The daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Rumer Willis. Perez Hilton constantly makes snarky comments with respect to her looks and then to assuage his readers (or perhaps, his guilt?) he will then post something with respect to a “worthy cause.” No amount of glitter and ribbons will transform a pile of poop. In the end, it’s still a pile of poop.

I took some time out to speak with an acquaintance who is a) gay and b) married; and his opinion on the whole situation pretty much mirrored mine. He also took time to mention that in no way, shape or form, is Perez Hilton a positive role model in the gay community.

For what it’s worth, I for one, believe that ANY two people who want to be married should be allowed to marry; man and woman, man and man and woman and woman. That’s MY belief and I don’t feel the need to defend nor be discriminated against for my own personal beliefs. Would my answer be the same in a public forum at the risk of offending my adversaries? Of course! This is America folks! Live and let live!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meow Meow Meow Meow

**UPDATE: Good News! Mama came and reclaimed her brood. Phew!

Well, my dear husband is bringing home FOUR abandoned kittens today! Evidently, they've been at his shop and Mama cat is nowhere to be found.

My husband called the SPCA to come out and rescue them and because they are under three weeks old, they were going to euthanize them. It turns out that my hubby does have a super juge heart as he refused to let the SPCA take them (everyone say "awwwww")

So now, I'm off to buy kitten formula and baby bottles. I have hand-raised two newborn pups before (Fred & Ethel) so it should be relatively the same.

The hard part is when we have to find them new homes.

At least this new situation is keeping my mind off the fact that my eldest daughter left for Idaho this morning to attend school for three months.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dear Stila Creme Bouquet, I am discontinuing You!

We are so ovah, darling! I've waited and waited months for you to come back. Oh, you made me promises that you'd be back and you were, just long enough for me to grab three measly roll-on bottles. Out of fear, I ran back to buy more and like Houdini, you were gone. As a matter of fact, the while stinkin' site is gone.

Well Stila, I am discontinuing you! No longer do I need to wait for your perfume because I've found a new favorite scent and it's awesome!

It's called L de Lolita Lempicka and it's not just a replacement, it's significantly nicer. So in effect, thank you. Thank you for running a very nice scent into the crapper. Had you learned how to properly run your business, I'd still be wearing you.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Descent of the Pillar of Strength

Today I had my 2nd ocular migraine. The first time I had it five years ago, I was quite certain that I was either having a stroke or an aneurysm. A anxiety-ridden trip to my hospital's emergency ward, dispelled my worst fears as the ER doc diagnosed it as an Ocular Migraine.

Today's episode hit me in a very crowded shopping mall. I was actually able to identify it immediately and NOT freak out. Being the die-hard shopper that I am, I continued shopping in spite of the fireworks in front of my eyes.

We made it home, just in time for the regular migraine and the "sweats" to set in. Damn!

Argh....and Sh*t

I'll be back soon. I'm so drained from working and planning funerals for my stepson's grandma and uncle that I can barely formulate a coherent sentence. Have a great Sunday.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's the deal with 2?

It's been a difficult two weeks for me as my co-worker has been out for that amount of time due to two herniated discs in her back.

Last week, I lost two members of my extended family. My stepson's grandmother and uncle passed away on the same day in an unrelated manner. As one can imagine the family is distraught. I am doing my best to assist them in whatever manner I can. Two more days and the services will be completed and this poor family can begin to put back together their lives.

In two weeks, my eldest daughter will be moving to Idaho to go to school.

Oh two, how I've come to loathe you.....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just a nag


and that's all I have to say for today.