Saturday, November 1, 2008

My venture into Kawaii

My latest craft addiction, "felt plushies" has driven me to the brink of insanity. There's been talk amongst my fellow felt plushy crafters of a book entitled "Mascot Album Book or in Japanese, it's called "想い出マスコットアルバム by あゆみ, 宇山"

Last weekend, I drove into San Francisco to the Kinokinuya Bookstore in Japantown looking for this specific book. The ideal felt plushie book has lots of photos, patterns and easy-to-follow graphics. The graphics must be easy-to-follow BECAUSE the books are printed ENTIRELY in Japanese.

So there I was, a middle-aged Anglo woman in the craft section thumbing through all the books in the middle of a Japanese bookstore. Like a young child, I could not read one word but oh how I marveled over all the wonderful pictures!

Imagine my amusement when another customer told me that I was reading books backwards! I just giggled.

Unfortunately, they didn't have the particular book I was looking for. It was rumored amongst the group, that this elusive book is stocked at Amazon's Japanese website. This week I set off to to that site. That was an experience. The entire website is in Japanese (as it should be). What to do? I wanted that darn book!!!

Just then a brilliant idea popped into my head (occasionally these happen!). I copied the text on Amazon's Japanese webisite and pasted it into Google's Translation page.

Suffice to say, I should be receiving my new book soon!......I hope it's what I wanted. Keep your fingers crossed!

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