Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lighten Up on The Pink, Hon...

Hubby's last words to me as he skipped out the door this morning were something along the lines of "have fun decorating and please lighten up on the pink, hon." His comment comes from the fact that last year, I had decorated in pink. I think he felt emasculated by all the pink Christmas decor.

I looked at him with this look as I watched him skip out the door:

(Only one person would get this above reference but alas, her and I aren't on speaking terms anymore. Nonetheless, the look still applies.)

Well, after three hours, I have FINALLY finished decorating. I did heed his warning and lightened up on the pinks..........with a twist.

I started out decorating my mantel but it just didn't seem to have enough pink.

So I turned around and decorated my entry table:

Ah yes! I think I have succeeded in "getting my pink on". Of course, I am a firm believer in never having enough so I whipped up these cuties as the pink frosting on the cake:

Of course, I LIVE to please my hubby so I also did our dining room in the standard holiday decor - red and green:

Since my adorable 12 year-old took part in hubby's diabolical plot to sneak in all the ornaments last night while I was sleeping, I put her favorite decoration at her place setting at the dining room table:

I can't see why he would freak her out, can you? (You'll want to click on the above photo to see him in all his glory)

And not to leave hubby out, I put up some extra cheesy garland........I used lots and lots of DECK nails.

Bear in mind that nails are to my husband what Kryptonite is to Superman.

As we are removing the soffet and the adjoining wall during our kitchen remodel, the damage is only fleeting.

They also brought up this little elf. Ain't he cute? And his twin (which I only have a close-up of).

Do you STILL think they're cute? If this isn't a craft project gone wrong, then I don't know what is! Elves with mumps (and squashed mumps thanks to my 12 year-old's curious finger!!) and wrinkles.....Eek!

I didn't want to leave my husband's "Boom-Boom Room" untouched this season.

Look at the pics below and tell me if his room has testosterone written all over it??

The pic above shows his wagon when he was a cute little tot (a million years ago), his dad's baseball bats from the early 20's, a vintage Olympia beer tray, a few awards from car shows and a pics of our son in his baseball uniform.

This is my husband's 52" plasma television and surround sound system, dvd player and other stuff that I don't know how to operate.

My popcorn machine and some vintage drive-inn speakers that he had to have!

Not to leave him out of the Christmas spirit, I moved all the Christmas storage boxes into this room! LIGHTEN UP ON THE PINK HON! He's gonna regret them words. LOL!

And in case you are wondering, the pics are signed autographs of the "Friends" cast, Barbara Billingsley (June Cleaver), Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone from the movie "Casino", the guy who played Mini Me, the man who played the Riddler and the bust belongs to Angelina Jolie. The glossy picture is of my youngest daughter's school photo and her "autograph".

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