Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Ain't No Art Critic but....

Last month, I went with my husband and 2 out of four of my kids up to Reno. We decided to stay at Peppermill as they had a swimming pool - their website neglected to mention that due to the configuration of the buildings and major construction, the pool is hidden in the shade 80% of the day. Combine that with the odd wicked "wind tunnel" and the pool was a no go.

On an unrelated note:

I love art by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (namely "The Kiss").

Imagine my surprise when the hotel lobby was plastered with his art. They actually had a replica of the very same photo in the lobby on our floor!

Upon closer inspection, I noticed there was something very wrong with this reproduction:

The eyes! Who in their right would think it's acceptable to do this? It was like a cruel joke. Every picture had some odd quirk to it.

Here's was the art in our room:

I'd like to term our room during that stay as "King Size, Extra Cheese". The Peppermill is going through a major renovation and instead of the tacky melamine, mirrors and flowers, THIS is what they came up with? How on earth did they find my grandmother's bedroom set?

Anyhoo, let's concentrate on the "art", please. Super huge piece of art, right. I slept on the side closest to it, and here's what I got to see:

Let's zoom in just a little closer:

Is it just me or does this look like the lady to the left is doing her best to stop the effusive bleeding of her friend?

This is what nightmares are made of.

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