Monday, July 28, 2008

Watch Out for Those Crocs!

I’m a little ashamed to even have to admit to wearing these “ugly-as-sin” shoes. My lavender pair (embellished with lavender rhinestones - - like anything could make these pass for “cute?) some how bred a pink pair AND a black pair (with faux lamb inserts).

These shoes have become part of my non-working life. They serve as slippers, sandals, you name it. If I’m not at work and not in bed, there’s a high probability that I am wearing one of these three pairs of shoes.

My lavender pair must be in the back of my closet along with my black pair as I have been wearing the pink pair for quite some time. I have been wearing them so much that the tread has worn off the bottom of the shoes and they have become virtual death traps.

Case in point: I stepped off the curb to get into my husband’s truck yesterday and slid off the curb and catapulted head first into the truck. Both my husband and daughter thought this was hysterical. After avoiding death, we ventured into Target. Their nice clean, glossy floors provided just the right medium for me to almost take a header in one of the aisles (Clean up on Aisle 6!). Again, husband and daughter thought this the funniest thing ever.

At escaping death for the SECOND time that day, I commented to my husband that these shoes were going in the garbage.

Later that evening, I was in my kitchen and my shoe got caught in the cupboard of the handle. Don't ask for specifics - I'm sure I couldn't do it again if I tried. Here's a pic of the hole where the handle got caught and the handle itself:

This resulted in me “trying” to fall but since my foot was still stuck on the shoe and the shoe was stuck on the handle, I wound up just doing a lot of hopping trying to brace myself for the inevitable. My daughter looked at me quizzically not knowing whether to cry or laugh. She opted for the latter.

As I lay on the kitchen floor, I looked up and lo and behold my shoe was still stuck to on the handle of the cabinet. I picked myself up, removed the shoe, took my other shoe off and put them in the garbage can.

I am vowing to live a “croc-free” life at least until I can find the lavender and/or black pair!

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