Sunday, August 31, 2008

No More Home Delivered Groceries =(

Just a post to vent about my terrible experience with my local supermarket's online/shopping home delivery service. After yesterday's experience, I guess I'll actually have to return to the supermarket and do my own shopping.

For a few years, online shopping was a very convenient experience. However, with yesterday's fiasco, I'm beginning to think that they have monkeys doing my shopping.

Do you see the pic (at the top of this post) of the three luscious and juicy navel oranges? I ordered three of them. I received NONE but was charged for them............$7.97 not once, not twice but three times! I paid nearly $24 for what equated to three INVISIBLE oranges. They also forgot $23 in other various items but they did not forget to include the two cans of cream of mushroom soup that I did NOT order. You say, it's a bonus? NO ONE in family would ever eat anything with mushrooms.....However, we would eat.........oranges!

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Anonymous said...

Hey thank you for your thoughts and prayers during the coastal Hurricane! We got lucky this time. No damage and no flooding! hugs