Friday, September 5, 2008

Very Odd, Indeed!

The San Francisco Bay Area had a 4.2 earthquake at 9 p.m. PDT tonight. Nothing earth-shattering (pardon the pun)being that this is earthquake country, right?

The weird thing is, when I came home from work this afternoon, my kitten Ollie and my 1 year old Bernese Mt. Dog, Fiona started making noise around the same time and for NO reason. Ollie was laying on my dresser and he looked right at me and meowed and Fiona was outside whimpering. I just raised my eyebrow and thought "I wonder if there's gonna be an earthquake?"

I even took the thought one step further and wondered if we had an earthquake, would my 2nd story bedroom be safe? Then I remembered that our home is built on a mountain of bedrock and have always heard that bedrock was very stable.

Tonight, I received affirmation of a few things:

1) Animals DO act strange before earthquakes
2) My gut feeling was right on
3) My bedroom won't crash to the 1st level; and
4) Bedrock is stable.


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