Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stila Creme Bouquet - FINALLY coming back to a store near you!

Jeez Louise. Stila's gotta get on the ball. Their Creme Bouquet sells out faster than (insert witty euphemism here).

I sent an email inquiring begging and pleading with Stila's Customer Service (see a copy of my email below) to see if the scent had been discontinued. Here' s a copy of that email:

Dear Stila,

Will the fragrance "Stila Creme Bouquet" EVER be made again or I should I abandon hope and seek a brand new favorite?? This is the 2nd time production has stopped. What is the problem? It can't be that it doesn't smell terrific. Every time I wore it, I received nothing but compliments.

What gives folks???

Desperate to Smell............."Pretty"

They responded favorably:

we do expect a shipment in sometime this month, You may want to check back on our website around the 25th. The problem is we can not keep it in stock fast enough, it does take sometime to produce. I do apologize for the inconveniece.
Thank You,
Stila Customer Care

All's I can say is whoop-dee-freakin-do!! Funny the things that thrill me nowadays.

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