Tuesday, February 3, 2009

eBay Feedback for: 350153350717 or "Nightmare Transaction from Hell"

If you've ventured on over from the link on my About Me page on eBay, here is the situation with respect to the above referenced transaction. In an order to protect private information, I've hidden the seller's personal information.

eBay sellers like this one are the reason I mainly buy on Etsy.com or Amazon.com. I hate to even waste time ranting about this but damn this guy really got under my skin!



Just sending you one final email so you know where I am coming from. From your emails, I am getting the impression that you think I am being difficult. I, on the other hand, think that my concerns are valid.

Here's how I see things. You had an item listed for sale on eBay. After reviewing the item, the price ($24.99) and shipping charges ($9.00), I opted to purchase the item. Are we in agreement up to this point?

Once the listing was over, I received the following email from you:

Hi there thanks for bidding if your zip is xxxxx. Please send a Money Order/personal check or Certified Check in the amount of 33.99. Please (Note) I do hold all parts paid for with personal checks for 7 to 10 days before shipping. Please let me know you got this email some emails have not been getting thru lately. Sorry I Do not hold parts to long before re-listing if the high Bidder. (#1)Did not let me know he's or she is going to send the money. Or (#2) If money is not received in a reasonable amount of time. Please note because of postal rate's by the OZ they are estimated as close has I can sometimes before packing Items So sorry no refunds on S/H costs. (Note) some listings have a set shipping cost.
Please send money to.

I will take (Credit Cards) with Pay-pal but Understand (NOT) Thru ebay. This is only offered for buyers that would like this service for one reason or other. I do prefer money orders please if in USA. Because of eBay and pay-pals fees that keep going up if your going to send the money with credit card thru (Paypal) PLEASE add 4% to the total or just send a money order/check (please)understand this is the only way I will take paypal its not offered to ebay sales. This 4% is as close to what they charge me as I can get for my paypal business account. Please Note t
otal is item /shipping costs together norm this is very close to the costs of a money order. You can send payment to my email address xxxx thru pay-pal. Please Note you must go to pay-pal on the net again I do not Use pay-pal on EBay. OR I can send you a request from pay-pal for the money.

If your sending the money to me in the mail please (Note) NO P/O Box's and please include An Item Number and an EZ to read address (Please).If you have a problem with an item from me please let me know asap.
Thanks for your time reading this and for bidding. PLEASE CHECK OUT MY WEB SITE THERE MIGHT BE MORE PARTS FOR YOUR CAR THERE. xxxx

Had you listed these conditions in your auction listing and if eBay allowed your policies, I would've taken them into consideration BEFORE bidding/buying your item. There's a good chance, I would've even accepted your terms because my husband needed the mirror for his car.

While I agree that eBay's/Paypal's ever-increasing fees/polices are taking a direction that is not beneficial to most sellers, as members of eBay, we are bound to follow their policies if we wish to use the site.

According to eBay's policies, here's the problem I had with this transaction. You requested an unauthorized form of payment and then you wanted to add a 4% charge for a credit card fee. I had no option but to file a complaint for your payment surcharges and refusing the accepted payment policy. Here's eBay's take on these topics:

"Payment Surcharges - Although sellers may offer a discount to the buyer for preferred forms of payment, sellers may not charge eBay buyers an additional fee for their use of ordinary forms of payment, including acceptance of checks, money orders, electronic transfers or credit cards. Furthermore, some forms of payment surcharges, such as credit card surcharges, are forbidden under the laws of many states, including California. Please see the complete Payment Surcharges policy."

Accepted Payments Policy

We want to make sure buyers on eBay are offered safe, convenient online payment options.

That's one reason why sellers' listings can offer buyers only the payment methods allowed on eBay.

Payment methods allowed on eBay:

Sellers must offer to accept one or more of the following payment choices:

· PayPal

· Credit or debit card processed through an Internet merchant account

· ProPay

· Sellers can offer to accept payment upon pickup too.

In the interim I did receive cryptic emails from you which were quite difficult to understand :

Your right ridiculous remove the - feedback. This is not fair to me the terms ask to work together on sales.But you did not want that I also asked you could send the money. 
this paypal started stuff just for me I did not change you move to fast.

Only after I filed a claim with eBay, were you willing to revise your terms. Once you agreed to the terms you had listed in your auction listing, I paid immediately.

And what did I get for paying? An Unpaid Item Strike - which by the way, was reversed immediately once I provided the Paypal receipt to eBay.

To be honest, I am tired of dealing with the barrage of your cryptic emails. For me, this was a very poor experience with what appears to be an uneducated (at least with respect to eBay policies) seller. The feedback I left for this transaction was factual and I will not remove it under any circumstance.

No response from you is necessary and is not welcomed. As a matter of fact, in order to ensure that I receive no further contact from you, I have added your email address to my mail program's spam utility. A "sanitized" copy of this email is being added to my About Me page so that prospective buyers can understand the feedback I left.

Good day.

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