Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Houston! We have erection!

They told me "it" would happen but that one floppy ear had me sweatin' bullets. Being a Virgo, I tend to feel a little unsettled if something is out of proportion and this little gal's floppy ear had me very unsettled. When she first came, it was flopping ::gasps:: backward. About a week later, it moved to the forward flopping position.

This morning I woke up to find out that the "un-floppy ear" fairy had worked her magic and my little gal's right ear was standing up nice and straight....just like her left one!

She looks a little confused in the photo. That's because this evil pet owner, took this picture was taken at 4:45 am and woke her up from a dead sleep.

We are still working through the name "situation". We have tentatively decided on Bertie and are kinda throwin' it around to see if it sticks. I have to admit that now I feel funny calling her Bertie instead of "puppy".

I have fallen in love with this little gal and now fully understand why people love this charming, little breed.

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