Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Official! My stepson hates me!

For graduation from high school, my stepson went on a seven-day cruise to Mexico. In these days of the H1N1 virus who knows why his mom would choose Mexico but I digress.

He returned home yesterday with gifts for all of us. He gave my youngest daughter a cute little silver bracelet and hubby got a nice T-shirt from a popular bar in Mazatlan. I expected the usual coffee cup with some sort of Princess Cruise logo - cool, I thought because I needed a new coffee cup.

As he handed me my gift bag, he prefaced the gift with the following comments "I hope you'll like this. I think you'll like it. When I saw it, it reminded me of you. It's cute, ha?"

As I unwrapped this THING from it's Mexican newspaper cocoon, I exclaimed in delight "Oh My God, it's, (long pregnant pause as I tried to figure out what it was), a violin playing dolphin. How cute is that?"

Now bear in mind, throughout the years I have received many gifts from my children. I've gotten picture frames made out of gold spray painted macaroni and Popsicle sticks, necklaces made out of paper wrapped paperclips and was even the proud owner of a yarn necklace strung with fruit loops.

Never have I received something as interesting as this.

Which leads me to the following question, what opinion does my stepson have of me that a horrid violin-playing dolphin reminds him of me? And more importantly, is this made from a breakable medium?

My dearest stepson is not an avid internet user so there is no danger of him finding my review....I hope.


Jen said...

I came over from BGGB because you're too hilarious for me to not be reading your blog! :)

Angela said...

Thanks Jen!

Prim2Pink said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!
I was blog surfing and came across your blog.
I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time. DH had to know what was going on & I had to read your blogs to him too!
Needless to say... I am a follower !!
You have definately made my day!
BTW, I would place that dolphin where I could see it every day. Just to give myself a chuckle.

Angela said...

Aww you're sweet. You know, rumor has it that this little Mexican totschke may be looking for a new home very soon............he's looking at me right now =/

Chris said...

HE BOUGHT YOU SOMETHING?? Your so lucky. My step son won't even acknowledge I'm in the room.