Saturday, March 14, 2009

A note to my hairdresser

I think we need to see other people.

I've been going to you for at least 12 years now. There have been a few times when I've strayed and found a new stylist but for one reason or another, I always wind up coming back.

I'm not sure why I always come back. I think it's because of the super easy-to-find parking and proximity to my home. Plus I KNOW what my hair will turn out like and for these last three or four years, predictability has been good but now I am ready for a change and it seems you are reluctant to change.

You have to admit, I am a loyal and very easy-to-please client. Thanks to my pigment "deficiency", I get my hair colored every four weeks. Every eight weeks, I get my hair cut and every 16 weeks, highlights. At $60/haircut, $80/touchup and $130/highlights, you can see that I am a steady and veritable "cash cow" and I always tip you at least 20%.

So why are you ALWAYS in a rush? ALWAYS behind schedule? Asking me to come in early or having me wait because you're running behind? Why do you try to stick it to me with overpriced hair products? Why am I always leaving with dripping wet hair?

How come I never get my hair done like my mom used to? When she had a hair appointment, she always came home looking like a movie star. I always come home looking worse than when I went it.......except there's no gray.

It's not you. It's me. I need someone who can give me more


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