Friday, March 13, 2009

Last stop before The Poor House!

Sometimes, it seems I spend money just to spend money and in these uncertain times, I should be saving instead of spending.

My purchases are never over-the-top expensive but some times, they are quite odd.

The people at my bank must get a kick out of generating my monthly statement.

In the month of February, I bought:
  • A HUGE bag of chicken feed along with five one-day old chickens! After coming to grips with sanity, I canceled the baby chicken order but forgot to cancel the chicken feed order. I can't even begin to describe the look on my husband's face when he took the 50 lb. bag of chicken feed from the UPS driver (yes, 50 freakin' pounds of chicken feed!). I just stood with a vapid stare on my face. How do you explain to your husband that you wanted to buy chicken food and a "chicken" friend for the lonely chicken at work and instead accidentally wound up buying 50 lbs of chicken food when you thought it said 5 lbs. Furthermore, the listing for the baby chickens NEVER said they were one-day old until after I paid for them! However, they were quite a terrific bargain at .65 each!
  • Next I purchased a puppy - off the internet! She's quite a treasure but most people (most "normal" people, anyway) would balk at purchasing a puppy without actually seeing it. That gamble paid off big time because she's awesome.
  • Moving along, I purchased my stepson's tattoo. Since he was a young boy, he told me that the day he turned 18, he wanted to get a tattoo and he wanted me to make him. Flattery will win me over every time. So we (hubby and I) forked over the money to get his "coming of age" tattoo. Of course, after that, I talked to the tattoo artist and discussed ways to cover up a regretted tattoo on my ankle and so there was the down payment for THAT.
So let's see: Chickens? Check! Chicken Feed? Check! Puppy? Check! Tattoos? Check! Oh yeah and I bought a "Buddha Board". What is a Buddha Board you inquire? There's a picture in the upper left-hand corner of this post.

Years ago, I visited this cool New Age/Spiritualist/Religion Boutique and wasted an inordinate amount of time with this with this artistic inspiration set toy.

Yes in all actuality, it's a toy, dammit. Think along the lines of painting water on rice paper. The water dries and like MAGIC, the picture is gone!

Come to think of it, I could've bought one of these for under $4.

You know what they say about "a fool and his money". Anyhoo, hubby says we gotta start savin' more so I guess I"ll be blogging MORE and shopping LESS. Yay

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sprinkles said...

I bought my little Chico off the internet too. Found him on Craigslist.