Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shame on You, Marshall Mathers ( Eminem )

I consider myself to be a lover of most music and I'm not ashamed to admit that I used to listen to Enimen years ago. Despite that fact that his language was foul, I dug most of his sarcastic, "Slim Shady" songs.

Thinking that his latest album "Relapse" would be more of the same, I picked up a copy. Imagine, a 44 year old woman at Target tossing an Eminem CD in her cart - right next to the "Hanes Her Way" 8-pack but enough about my underpants (ain't no way you can refer to them as "panties").

I got in the car and popped the CD in and listened to it while I had to drive to the city. I knew his the lyrics would be profane but being that I am big believer in using profanity, "every day and every way", this did not deter or shock me.

What did shock me were the actual lyrics. Eminem's not much younger than me and I'm quite concerned about the message he's willfully sending out to young adults. In several songs, there were references to mood-altering drugs thus the album's title "Relapse".

There was a song about him picking up a girl on the side of the road and raping her. There was also references to him being raped and forced to perform oral sex on his stepfather while being burned with cigarettes. One song, "Medicine Ball", prompted the removal of this garbage from my CD player. In this "song" (and I use the word "song" loosely), he raps about giving a girl an abortion with a wire hanger and eating the fetus. As if it could get any worse, he imitates Christopher Reeves "gasping for air" for shock" value, I guess.

Having said that, I can honestly state that "Relapse" is vile, a complete waste of money and if this is this is the sort of music Eminem makes while in sobriety, someone get him a "hit of something", stat!

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sprinkles said...

I listened to the new album on the radio and it didn't seem so bad. They probably deleted the worst of it though.

Don't have the cd yet so I still like him, even after reading your post.