Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meow Meow Meow Meow

**UPDATE: Good News! Mama came and reclaimed her brood. Phew!

Well, my dear husband is bringing home FOUR abandoned kittens today! Evidently, they've been at his shop and Mama cat is nowhere to be found.

My husband called the SPCA to come out and rescue them and because they are under three weeks old, they were going to euthanize them. It turns out that my hubby does have a super juge heart as he refused to let the SPCA take them (everyone say "awwwww")

So now, I'm off to buy kitten formula and baby bottles. I have hand-raised two newborn pups before (Fred & Ethel) so it should be relatively the same.

The hard part is when we have to find them new homes.

At least this new situation is keeping my mind off the fact that my eldest daughter left for Idaho this morning to attend school for three months.

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sprinkles said...

How fun!

You're going to be quite busy with one puppy and four kittens. Hope the older cat can handle it!