Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holy Chin, Batman!

Here's a pic of some of me and my co-workers doing some variation of jazz hands. It was the photographer's idea of injecting some life into the photos. We all looked like we were having a fun, don't we? Speaking for myself, I had a little bit of wine behind that grin so I was VERY happy.

Ya ever get ready to go some where and you think you look pretty damn good? Last month, I went to this corporate awards dinner and I was so proud that I was able to escape looking too fat. Everything came out looking pretty good. My hair was rockin', make up turned out nice, loved my outfit, everything that wasn't beautiful was tucked into my $72 Spanx and what didn't succumb to gravity was tucked away in a $65 bra. All in all, I thought I managed to pull off a half-way decent look for the evening.

Then I looked closer at the picture:

And all I could see was:

What's the deal with my large chin??

More Chin than a Chinese phone book

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