Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Donny!

In one post, I am not only going to reveal my age group but I am also going to prove that I am in fact, the world's biggest dork.....

Happy Birthday Donny Osmond!
Yes, the man of my dreams (when I was eight) has a birthday today, December 9th! If the picture above does NOT scream total stud muffin, I don't know what does. Look at his super-groovy sweater vest, his purple crushed velvet hat and the way he holds out his pinky in such a masculine fashion! Wow.................all I can say is that I was a eight-year old, Tiger Beat reading, Donny Osmond lovin' dork! I had a poster of the above picture on my wall right next to my bed and I used to just gaze into his dreamy eyes and play my record and pretend he was my boyfriend. I was eight for gawd's sake!! Then I'd turn around and continue playing with my Barbies.

What gets me is that I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday but I can remember Donny Osmond's birthday.

And even more disturbing is that I found a recent photo and I still think he's good looking!

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marcyh said...

Found your blog from my Donny Osmond "google alert". I'm a 40 year old Donny Osmond fan myself. I told my two boys and husband at dinner tonight that today was Donny Osmond's birthday. They all looked at me and rolled their eyes.

Happy Birthday Donny :-)