Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Decorating Style

For me, the crucial aspect of any design is durability. Having four kids, a husband and two inside cats, the items I use in my home décor must withstand traffic, be easy to clean, serve a functional purpose and be affordable.

Right now, I am into what I like to jokingly refer to as “Compulsive Chic” style. Similar to “Cottage Chic” but with rigidity thrown in. Being a Virgo, I find it somewhat difficult to sway too far from my interpretation of what I believe to be a perfect balance. I can’t handle the effusiveness of the Shabby Chic style, or the shoreline-ish décor of “Beach Chic” – sand dollars and dried starfish are not my cup of tea. I like what others have done but I am talking about what sets my tone for a peaceful haven so bear with me. I need nice clean lines and things to be pulled together. Everything must coordinate PERFECTLY (or what I PERCEIVE as perfect).

I draw my decorating inspiration from childhood memories of the wonderful summers spent at my grandparents’ home in Willits, California. Those summers were the best part of my young life and because of that, it’s apparent why I want to incorporate that into my décor. One very vivid memory is that of the naps taken on my grandparents’ bed. The bedroom windows were always open and warm breezes caused the sheers on the window to sway peacefully. The constant ticking of the wind-up bedside clock would aid in sending me into the Land of Nod. I would lie on the bed in a state of exhaustive bliss and pull at the strings on the chenille bedspread. It’s a wonder that my angelic grandmother didn’t wring my neck!

For my bedroom, I began with a palette of muted colors; pink, ivory, yellow, sage and of course, white. My bedroom carpet is a durable looped Berber in sage( not exactly my first choice in carpet BUT it was brand new when we purchased our home a few years back and I don’t want the expense of changing carpet just for the sake of change!)

Next, I wanted my bed to be a soft place - - to fall. A sanctuary. My own beautiful escape from the harsh realities of life. To provide extra softness, I added a featherbed top to the mattress. I then draped the bed in soft pink ruffled cotton sheets and matching ruffled pillowcases by Rachel Ashwell’s Simply Shabby Chic line ($64.99, Target Stores). I also added a white plush blanket with satin borders which is also part of Rachel Ashwell’s Simply Shabby Chic collection ($49.99, Target Stores).

During a recent shopping trip, I found the most gorgeous patchwork quilt. It features quilt blocks of ivory chenille, pink velvet blocks and gorgeous cotton blocks of roses. The quilt is edged in a sumptuous border of pink velvet. The quilt’s reverse features the tiniest pink rosebuds and also features a pink velvet border. To that, I added the coordinating shams with the same delightful quilt blocks. (From Vintage Victorian’s “Elyse” collection, $59.99, Marshall’s). I added a divine Pink Velvet Euro Sham with velvet ruffling by Rachel Ashwell ($70 brand new with Tags, eBay). Rounding things out, I added a vintage crochet lace pillow that I purchased at a antique store ($10). Perched on my bed is a vintage bed tray repainted in a crisp white ($2, Alameda Antique Fair)

I am still looking to add a crocheted afghan to drape at the end of the bed to keep out the cold on those chilly winter nights! Next time, the rest of my bedroom!

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