Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happiest Place on Earth...?

Has it been two years already? From the minute our Disneyland trip ended in January 2007, my daughter has continually asked us "when are we going back?" After two years of tense interrogation, we've finally decided to go again.

The Fioresi clan will be loading up their trusty Dodge Magnum to make the 350-mile trek to Disneyland in January. I was stashing funds away to take a trip Italy however, with the strange turns and twists taking place with the US dollar, dear hubby and I have decided that rather than saving for our dream vacation, we would give our daughter her dream vacation - besides dear hubby turns into a kid the minute he enters the gate to the Magic Kingdom.

So I'll don my Mickey ears and put on a brave smile and wind my way through the tens of thousands of folks making the same journey all to see the pleasure on their sweet child's face.

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